Frequently Asked

How long do projects usually take to complete?

Most design & development projects take between 30 to 45 days.
This will heavily depend on the scope of work. Want to see how long your project will take? Let's schedule a discovery call and discuss your project.

Who will be working on our project?

We are a team of UI UX designers, developers and digital marketers working in collaboration. Since our design, development and marketing is brand driven, we’re big on communication and process management to achieve the same.

How do we get started?

1. Schedule a Discovery call here by filling out our contact form.

2. After our call, we will create a scope of work document for you to review, revise and approve.

3. Once the scope of work is approved, Socialscript will send out a contract for you to review & sign.

4. Once the contract is reviewed & approved, we will send out an initial 50% invoice due to begin work.

5. Upon completion of the invoice, we will set-up communication channels and schedule our kick-off call.

What size budgets do you typically work with?

We have design and development plans starting from 45,000 INR (600 USD) as part of the kickstart plan. Our most popular plan - Grow, starts from 63000 INR and helps businesses start generating leads.

What are the factors which increase the pricing from your starting plans?

Custom 3D illustrations and animations, complex interactions, photo or video shoots increase the pricing from base plans.

How do I figure out how much a new website will cost?

The most effective way for our team to understand the deliverables of your new web project and how you should spend is for you to create a scope of work or RFP and send it in to us.
If it's a simple project, sending a sitemap of all the pages included within your project scope will be okay to start.
Here's some steps to follow if you're not sure where to start with your scope of work:
Send us a list of the pages you want on your site (sitemap/information architecture). Doesn’t necessarily have to be detailed or final. We just need an idea. Contact us

2. Send us 2-3 websites that you love and think represent your vision for your new website in some way, either aesthetically or in functionality.

3. Tell us if you need a logo & brand identity or if we’ll be working with your current brand assets.

4. If you already have the designs for your site completed (in Figma, Sketch, Etc) and now need the design developed out, send us the designs to review and we can go from there.

5. Give us a heads-up if you think anything within your build may require extra development time. (Example: Pricing Calculator, API Integrations, Search)Our team will take in all of this information and create a scope of work proposal for us to review. Once you’re ready, we can review the SoW Proposal together over a follow-up call.

Do you handle Logo design?

No. We don’t specialize in logo design. However we can connect you to the right people based on your requirements and help you with providing references for logo to convey the branding.

I don’t have any knowledge about design or strategy. Can you help?

Definitely. Our processes help us achieve the same. We understand your goals and the project scope in the discovery call and come up with strategy and design references to reach your target audience.

We want to keep our logo and most branding assets the same, but we need to improve our brand and modernize it for the website - can you help us revamp our brand without reinventing the wheel?

Yes, we’re comfortable working within certain brand guidelines and utilizing your current logo & brand ID and are happy to give recommendations for improvements without completely redesigning your brand ID.

Can you do Wordpress or shopify custom theme development?

Yes. We understand that wordpress or shopify themes have their limitations in terms of customisations. To overcome the same we develop custom wordpress and shopify themes according to your brand guide and goals.

What if we have completed designs but just need someone to develop or rebuild our site, can we hire you?

Yes, you can! We will need you to send over the completed source files so we can review the complexity of design, interactions, and content - then we can give you a proper SoW proposal. Contact us and lets discuss your project

Will rebranding and rebuilding my website have negative effect on SEO?

If done correctly, it won't. As long as the agency you are working with is following best practices to retain your current URL structure and implement accurate 301 redirects you can avoid any lasting negative effects, and leverage the positive SEO effects of your redesign.

Can you provide training on updating and editing our new website?

Yes! We create a custom tutorial for every project on completion and also provide live training on making updates to the website.

After our website launches if we want to implement an ongoing long-term SEO and Digital marketing strategy, can you help?

Yes. Our marketing team executes SEO and digital marketing strategy. Enquire to get more details on monthly plans for same.