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How We Work

Stage 1: Are You Traffic Ready?

What's the point if you get all the traffic and none of them lead to sales or enquiry on your website. Website audit plays a very important role in identifying bottlenecks in your website. We do a 9 point check before the call and share the results with you.

Audit Checklist

Is your Website conversion rate in line with industry standards
Is your Bounce rate in line with industry standards
How does it load in mobile
Does your page load fast enough
Check trust and credibility indicators
Quality of branding and messaging
Call to Actions
Is tracking set up properly

Stage 2: Estimating
Results And Adspend

In this stage we will help you understand the metrics we need to hit and set preliminary budget expectations. Based on the industry and your goals, we will estimate the adspend needed to achieve them. We will take you through our adspend calculator for better understanding.

Stage 3: Identifying Target Audience And Offers/Hooks

Identifying target audience and winning offers are critical in optimizing Ad campaigns and to get the best ROAS (Return on Ad spend). We will be brainstorming ideas for audience & offers, which will go to test in step 6

Stage 4: Get Creative-Creating Variations Of Ad Copies, Headlines, Images/Videos For Ads

Creatives play an important role in getting the required engagement from your audience and achieving high CTR (click through rate) leading to low CPC (cost per click).

Stage 5: TEST

We will create a minimum viable funnel followed by Rapid fire testing to find the winning audience and adsets. We analyze the results to find assets which surpass the industry standard metrics, (eg. Link CTR above 1% for cold audience) and meets expected results estimated in stage 1.

Stage 6: Scale Campaigns

Create landing pages for winning audience & offers and back it up with email campaigns to direct them back into the funnel if they drop off in the journey.

Stage 7: Back To Stage 3 To Find New Target Audience And The Process Repeats.

We will also help you with setting up CRM/other tools and integrating it with the marketing platforms needed for quick and efficient follow up of the leads.

Company Strengths At A Glance

Our Strong Points

Design & Front end development
Search engine optimization
Social Media Marketing

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