Introducing the AI-Powered Bing and Edge: Revolutionizing Web Browsing and Search

November 2, 2023


As the digital world continues to evolve, search engines and browsers are essential tools for billions of users worldwide. Today, Microsoft is taking a bold step forward, launching an all-new AI-powered Bing search engine and Edge browser, with the aim of enhancing the web experience, unlocking the joy of discovery, and better harnessing the world's knowledge. Let's dive into this revolutionary development and explore the features and benefits of these AI-driven tools.

The New Bing and Edge:

Your AI Copilot for the WebThe new Bing and Edge browser, integrated with AI copilots and chat, offer a unified experience for search, browsing, and chat that users can access from anywhere on the web. These tools promise better search results, more complete answers, an interactive chat experience, and content generation capabilities.

Key Features and Technical Breakthroughs:

  1. Next-generation OpenAI model: Bing is powered by a new OpenAI large language model, surpassing ChatGPT and GPT-3.5 in terms of speed, accuracy, and capability, and customized specifically for search.
  2. Microsoft Prometheus model: Microsoft has developed a proprietary method of working with the OpenAI model, called the Prometheus model, which optimizes its power for improved relevance, safety, and targeted results.
  3. AI integration in the core search algorithm: The AI model has been applied to Bing's core search ranking engine, resulting in the most significant jump in relevance in two decades.
  4. New user experience: The unified experience of search, browser, and chat reimagines how users interact with the web, paving the way for new ways of online interaction.

Responsible AI Development:

Microsoft and OpenAI are committed to responsible AI development and have implemented safeguards against harmful content. These safeguards address issues like misinformation, disinformation, content blocking, data safety, and harmful or discriminatory content promotion, in line with Microsoft's AI principles.

Availability and Preview:

The new Bing is available today in a limited preview on desktop at, where users can try sample queries and join the waitlist. The preview will expand to millions of users in the coming weeks, with a mobile experience preview coming soon.


The launch of the AI-powered Bing search engine and Edge browser marks a significant milestone in the evolution of web browsing and search. By offering improved search capabilities, complete answers, interactive chat experiences, and content generation, these new tools have the potential to transform the way we interact with the web and access information. As Bing and Edge continue to evolve, user feedback will be crucial for refining and perfecting these groundbreaking tools.

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