7 Popular Web Design Trends For 2021 Which Made It Big In 2020

November 2, 2023

7 Popular Web Design Trends For 2021 Which Made It Big In 2020

2020 has finally come to an end.  While the year was not a good one in many ways, it accelerated the journey to going ‘digital.’ Businesses have finally decided to focus on  creating and enhancing their digital identity through their websites. This blog will look at seven popular web design trends that made it big in 2020 and are expected to grow and become more relevant in 2021.

1. 3D Illustrations

Gone are the days of simple, static 2D web pages. 3D imagery is in, and  it is here to stay. Get ready to see 3D backgrounds, 3D images, and other 3D elements on webpages. Developing a 3D UI is getting simpler by the day, so expect many websites to be redesigned and developed with 3D UI elements.

3D illustration
3D Illustration

2. Glassmorphism

Remember the one thing that Windows Vista got right? Translucent UI elements where you could slightly see through the glass. That’s right. Glassmorphism is back. It  is back in a new, refreshed avatar. Expect to see glassmorphism as you navigate through and interact with different sections on a webpage.


3. Real pictures

Not to scare away graphic designers and illustrators, but in 2021, we are likely to see more real-life pictures instead of digital ones. Admit it, real-life people and real-life items help establish a better connection with the target audience.

Real Picture by Nangkring

4. Vivid colours

While the minimalist look and simple colors were a staple of website designs earlier, they paved the way for bright, vivid, colorful website interfaces in 2020. Get ready to see hues of oranges, violets, blues, and pinks that will add a colorful splash in 2021 to the otherwise dull website designs.  Check out Sleepiest to know exactly what we are talking about and how it works.

Vivid colors
Vivid by kamiltatol

5. Colourful blurred backgrounds

This is what you get when you mix glassmorphism and vivid colours. This effect makes the background and the website even more pleasing to the eye.  It also makes the website look more organic and welcoming. To get a feel of this fantastic UI, check out MyMind and Stripe.

Colourful blurred background
Colourful blurred background

6. Aesthetic minimalism

Minimalism is everywhere! And website UI is no exception. Having a minimalistic UI helps the user navigate, understand, and comprehend information quickly. Add to that a colourful blurred background with glassmorphism, and your website will be a hit, a huge attraction.

Aesthetic minimalism
Aesthetic minimalism by Alzea

7. Geometric structure

Websites with UI elements that follow a geometric theme are popping up everywhere. Presenting information in rounded rectangles, colourful circles, and other geometrical shapes provide a tidy structure to the website and make it more appealing. Check out Rituals website and enjoy the amazingly simple yet appealing UI.

Geometric structure
Geometric structure

It is time to change the way businesses look at their websites. The UI should be an extension of your business and brand identity. Look at the websites of industry heavyweights like Apple and Microsoft. They have a niche, instantly-recognizable UI, similar to their products and services’ design and aesthetics. It is time for others to rethink as well.

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